Saturday, June 19, 2010

at home

mole souls have precious wings
that crinkle as they move through things

blue Hariet

moslie woe goes to and fro
high and low above below
and there she goes goodbyes hellos
and where she goes nobody knows
she may be lost in space or tossed
in quick transverse through the universe
so close to far from somewhere else
something bizzar presents itself


mist turns to mizzle into drizzle
into down pouring electric wet thunderstorms

Claire and the caged bear

I am thinking now that maybe
we should not have had the baby


Imagine an engine an edge in a hedge when a wind independently stirs
fantasize lullabyes bashfully vocalized harmony
sung in a blur

pondering pandas sing virtually everything happening outside the door

think about winks and how grandmama stinks when she flings all her things on the floor

wonder why woggle flies wander by yander pies
yearning for willows and cob

visualize villian eyes hipnotize little guys
victumize billie and bob

concider a quitter a sitter who shivers
and quivers in cold shiny shoes

I question perception and notions just mentioned
pertaining to codes without clues


elsewhere could be anywhere one is not when ones somewhere

arches day

its superduperfluousness
its fanciful and frivolous
perhaps it's even purposeless
its monumental pointlessness
is marvelously hard to miss
it's overestimatedness
surpasses all it's influence
but none the less
i tend to bless
this extraordinary mess
it's filigree and fluffiness
instills a sense of inner bliss
the superduperfluousness
is filling up the emptiness

louse and flee

ness hilder

teeny twinkling trinkets trickle through three thwarted trees
these tiny things thoroughly traversing this treacherous terrain


dee dee
mo mo
la la
poo poo
fee fee
na na
ga ga
ju ju

small pox nocturn

sleep now my child

for when you rise

you’ll wipe you're dreamy

boogered eyes

coat your brush

with white toothpaste

sit awhile

unloading waste

under where is there


you is me

and in the end I recommend you turn your head away
the truth be told you can't behold the truth in any way